Federation of Philippine Chinese Organition is a non-profit organization that promotes the culture of both Chinese and Filipino immigrant that born and grew in Philippines. For 3 consecutive years, I've design their event ticket and wall calendar.

Canada's Top Choice 2017

Canada's Top Choice is a non-profit organization that organize pageant for Ms. Top Choice, Little Miss Top Choice and Miss Top Choice. Commission a design project to do 3 booklets for each individual pageant and then layout the sponsored ads according to their selective size.


Eprintfast is the source for high-quality, low price online printing solution and premium service. They offer a convenient, high-quality solution for full-color printing in small and large quantities without the premium price.

I've create and design some of their business cards and direct mail templates mostly for major real estate agent companies to use for their marketing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have created and designed website for the company’s internal projects ensuring design consistency throughout the entire web development. Composite images and designed cutting edge web banners and online campaign ads. Create landing pages and monthly HTML newsletters, using established templates or create/modify templates as required using CRM platform. Develop graphics and visual images for their digital and social media ads .